I'm Raemon and people often mistake me for a gorilla. Other than being a gorilla I compose music, produce media projects, create sound design or or write voice-over scripts for all kinds of different media and clients. Have fun cruising through the site! Red=music. Blue=media

Nike Golf Assets

For Nike Golf Tiddojr.nl and Gorilla In The Mix teamed up to create a short clip introducing their new client portal.
Produced for Nike Golf


Ne-Yo – Sexy Love

Sexy just got sexier



Ne-Yo – Sexy Love

Sexy just got sexier  

Bevrijdingsfilm 2013

The Dutch 4th/5th May Committee is a WWII memorial instance which organizes annual events surrounding the date The Netherlands were liberated from Nazi Germany. Tiddo Roozendaal was asked to produce [...]

Nike Golf Assets

For Nike Golf Tiddojr.nl and Gorilla In The Mix teamed up to create a short clip introducing their new client portal. Produced for Nike Golf  

Mariah Carey – Touch My Body Remix

It’s erotic. It’s spacey. It’s that fUnk  

Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep Remix

If the original put you to sleep, this might wake you back up  

Worldhotels – World Tour 2013

Worldhotels is an exclusive group of independent hotels, bringing together a handpicked portfolio of 500 properties in 250 destinations and 65 countries across the world. For their 2013 World Tour campaign [...]

DaM-FunK – I Don’t Wanna Be A Star!

Beatport and Stones Throw are presenting a remix contest featuring Dam Funk’s latest single I Don’t Wanna Be A Star! The Gorilla Funk submission got a mention on Twitter by Dam-Funk himself, [...]

The Yacht Week 2013

The Yacht Week provides an exhilarating experience of sailing, regattas, entertainment and much more. Maup Minds was brought along the amazing sail trip to catch everything on camera and teamed [...]

Mr. Make You Moan

Signature Gorilla fUnk  

Think BIG: Think TiddoJR

TiddoJR is the new name in motion graphics and visual effects. This impressive clip gives a short demonstration of  the talent and qualities behind the maker, with a pretty good [...]

Do It

Cruise your way through the city night life looking for some love  

Grand Prix Radio

Every Sunday at 10pm CET on GrandPrixRadio, Gorilla In The Mix will be spinning one hour of the best hits and classic from the realm of underground boogie funk, hedkandi remixes, lowrider soul [...]

Kai Lavatai – Boy Gypsy REMiX

Another Boogie fUnk remix to add to the Gorilla fUnk project. This time featuring talented singer/producer Kai Lavatai  

Raad & Daad

Raad & Daad helps contracters and business people with advice about funding for innovative and industrial projects. Floone Media pulled out the Weisscam HS-2 camera and produced some amazing shots [...]

Opel Astra OPC Actie

Opel is offering people a chance to win an OPC Race Camp Weekend by entering their FaceBook competition. However, it’s not for the faint of heart. This is a bad-ass [...]

De Efteling – Aquanura

Aquanura is the new attraction of Dutch theme park De Efteling. It features a beautiful waterballet with an impressive light show and supporting music by Audiocult. None other than Dutch [...]

Nyteowl – Baby Girl Remix

Nyteowl is a Minneapolis-based electro formation, whose new single Baby Girl will be coming out June 26th 2012 under Love Interest Records. It features a B-Side and a smooth Boogie [...]

Clit & Clutch – Part Deux

Clit & Clutch is back!  The newest party in town that brings you high fashion and high standards is once again showcased at Club Bed Rotterdam for an unforgettable night [...]

RTL7 Ident – Call Of Duty MW3

Quick sound design for an RTL ident featuring Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Produced by Lukkien for RTL NL  

Libresse – De Tampon Die Niet Pluist

Delivering a hard-hitting club banger may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Libresse, but no challenge is too hard for the Gorilla. Even tampons [...]

Sizz – Lekker Mobiel

Sizz is a collaboration between RTL Nederland and Vodafone providing a new mobile network for the independent woman with a mind of her own. Wefilm and Lukkien got together to [...]

Clit & Clutch

High heels, high standards and high class. Clit & Clutch brings fashion, design and the latest lifestyle trends together in one fabulous party. The boys from Defix Media shot a trailer-style [...]

GORiLLA on the DRuMS

Sometimes you just have to let your good looks do all the work. Defix Media directed an uplifting video for Belgian Idol winner Dean Delannoit. Produced by The Rocketeers   

Velux Pick ‘n Click

Velux makes innovative window systems for any type of window or home. This is part of a series of internet prerolls to promote their new Pick ‘n Click systems, of course [...]


There are rumors of a gorilla on the loose on FaceBook…    

Zo Lekker

Lush friday afternoon fUnk  

RTL4 Ident Karvan Cevitam

RTL NL and Karvan Cetivam came together for an ident commercial promoting their new soda juices. They needed a fresh sparkling sound, which they got. Complemented by voice-over Nienke Brinkhuis. Produced by [...]

Schweppes – The Schweppes Bite

Schweppes Europe brought back Clive The Leopard for the new Schweppes campaign. Rinie van den Elzen was chosen to be the Dutch Clive and nailed it to a tee. Post-produced by Lukkien [...]

Rick Ross – The Boss REMiX

Some people have said this beat makes Rick Ross look skinny  

Nikon 1

The Nikon 1 is a new intelligent small camera with exchangeable lenses. Nikon NL chose Alexander Stevens to be their voice-over for this campaign. Produced by Lukkien  

RTL & Albert Heijn Hamsterbingo

Albert Heijn and RTL NL came together and produced a string of leaders and bumpers to follow-up  Albert Heijn’s latest Hamsterbingo campaign. Produced by Lukkien and RTL NL   http://youtu.be/eWKN2hLdZ0A

50 Cent – In Da Club REMiX

From one gorilla to another  

JBL Spot

GORiLLAintheMiX delivered a track for the JBL Spot. Pick your personal colors and experience the groove. Produced by Lukkien. CGI animation by Marnix Reckman  

GORiLLA in the REMiX

Check out all the remixes by GORiLLAintheMiX for various artists and projects. Funkin’ it…  

Sudocrem – Bofkontjes

Sudocrem is a household name when it comes to babycare products. Luckily this gorilla has a soft way with babies… Produced by Lukkien  

Fredhopper – eCommerce Forum Leader

Fredhopper asked the golden boys from Pixodus to create a leader for the 2009 European e-Commerce Forum in Amsterdam. GORiLLAintheMiX replaced crispiness for corporate, with his little twist of fUnk  

Fleurop – Stel…

Fleurop came by and brought in famous Dutch actor Jack Wouterse to record a series of commercials for their online shop. Produced by Lukkien      

Tiddo Roozendaal – Faith

Tiddo Roozendaal is talented visual effects animator, whose graduation movie Faith, about the relationship between a boy and the memory’s he have about his grandfather, got him noticed by several festivals [...]


Tim Smit gained international fame with his 2009 viral movie What’s In The Box. Advertisement agency Nothing Amsterdam called him in to direct a commercial together with production company Lukkien for a [...]

Dela – Leef Door Plan

Dela Life Insurance produced a commercial featuring Dutch volleyball star Manon Flier. If you’re from Holland you’ll automatically recognize the voice-over done by Bram Bart accompanied by Charlie Dee‘s beautiful soundtrack [...]

Nikon Coolpix S6200

This has been one of the most successful campaigns for Nikon, featuring the beautiful track Welcome Home by Radical Face. The Dutch female voice-over is Nathalie de Klijn. Post-production by Lukkien [...]


GORiLLA fUnk just got crispier  

Mitubishi Europe – Off-Road Range

Mitsubishi Europe produced a sizzling hot commercial featuring their Off-Road SUV Range. British actor Chris Fairbank delivered a stunning voice-over. Adapted by Lukkien  


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Philips Value Campaign

Philips took a bold move with their Value Campaign subliminally comparing their products with that of other manufacturers. These series of commercials are no longer than ten seconds but capture [...]

Philips Living Colors

In 2007 Philips started a viral campaign for their Living Colors LED lamps. GORiLLAintheMiX produced a funky track for the occassion, and the campaign was a success. Produced by Lukkien [...]

Alfa Romeo 147

GORiLLAintheMiX produced another short track for Alfa Romeo’s cutdown of the 2007 147 commercial. Once again, Electro-Hop certified. Post-Produced by Lukkien  

Alfa Romeo GT2

GORiLLAintheMiX produced a short track for Alfa Romeo’s cutdown of the 2007 GT2 commercial. Electro-Hop certified. Post-produced by Lukkien